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Be Healthy, Happy and Confident

 Let me be your motivation! Whether you want to exercise to strengthen muscles, improve athletic skills, lose weight or just to improve your fitness levels, I can help you!

By setting you goals, I will support you with feedback, measure your progress, encourage you to achieve the success you desire, as well as providing enjoyment to your life.

About me

After working in office environments for the majority of my working career, I wanted to do something that was going to help others as well as something I would enjoy.  For the beginning of my fitness career, I mainly focussed on training post-natal women as I saw so many try to deal with how much their body had changed following the birth of their babies.  I get so much enjoyment out of this and watching the mums grow both in their fitness levels, well being and confidence!

Everyday life can get in the way of your fitness goals and it can be a struggle to enjoy life if you’re not happy within yourself!  With the added pressure of the media showing us how we ‘should’ look and telling us how we should eat, makes it hard doubly hard.  Reaching your goals is not easy and even though it is easy to grab a take away, microwave meal and sit in front of the TV – long term; it can all lead to a very unhealthy lifestyle, making us obese, and in worse case scenarios, diabetes!  There is a light at the end of that tunnel and I can help you achieve your goals!!  Whether that is through one-on-one sessions, group training, Metafit or NetsFit-Mums.

Whatever your goal is, attempt that first jog round the park, your first ever 5k, be able to walk that 20 minute trip to your friends without getting out of breath or maybe your just want to improve and maintain your fitness levels – I can help!

Please feel free to contact me via email, phone or the ‘Contact Me’ tab on my site to discuss your requirements further or for more information on Metafit or NetsFit-Mums classes.


Phone: 07816 645429


Prices – Personal Training

  • Initial consultation (over the phone or in person) – FREE
  • One to one session – 1 hour – £30
  • One to one session – 30 minutes – £20
  • Small group training (minimum 2 persons) – 1 hour – £25 per person
  • Group sessions of up to 10 people – Please call/email for prices

Cancellation Policy

Payment is due in advance of the session to secure your booking.  Please note that if any cancellations are to be made, where possible, please do so 48 hours in advanced.  With this, a full refund will be paid unless an alternative date has been agreed.  Should a cancellation occur less than 48 hours before the scheduled session, this will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the full price.


Personal Training

These sessions are designed especially for you!  Whatever your goal is, I will tailor make the programme with that in mind.  One-on-one sessions are a great way for you to focus on YOUR health and fitness needs, giving you that quality time to invest in your well being.

Each session(s) can take part either at your home, or we can work out in a park near to you, or even the seafront!  They can either be for 30 minutes or an hour depending on the time you have.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ tab.

Please note that no booking is secured until payment has been received.


I run classes locally that are specifically aimed at post-natal mums.  It’s a perfect opportunity to get fit and increase your well being following the birth of your little one!  It’s also a brilliant way to meet other local like-minded mums whilst enjoying the outdoors!

Each session lasts for one hour and we incorporate strength, cardio, core and resistance work into the sessions.  Each sessions are designed to help strengthen and tone particular muscles groups and help with the demands of motherhood.

Classes run come rain or shine, so please make sure you come along wearing suitable clothing:


Layers of clothes, as even in the coldest weather we can get very warm
Hat scarf and definitely gloves (for mummy and baby)
Good trainers
Good fitting sports bra (or two!).


Drink for mummy and baby
Rain cover / sunshade
Sun cream
Snack for baby / toddler
Toys / books for toddler.

These classes are for everyone, no matter what your fitness level as they work for all and the majority of the exercises can be adapted to suit your needs.


You can join in once you have been signed off by your GP/Health visitor, which is usually about 6-8 weeks depending on whether you have had a natural birth or c-section.  Once they have given you the go ahead, please contact me as you will need to complete a pre-screening form and pre-book your place.


Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire!

This class is for EVERYONE! Both men AND women of all fitness levels as the exercises can be adapted to your level.

Metafit is a 30-minute HIIT bodyweight workout class that will keep the fat burning for up to 24 hours afterwards!!


Worthing High School gymnasium, South Farm Road, Worthing

St. Symphorian’s Church hall, New Road, Durrington

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